The European Tea Society

The European Tea Society, is a growing membership association for tea professionals and organisations around the world.

Join thousands of like-minded and dedicated individuals building the future of speciality tea.

European Tea Society members inspire, expand and sustain the global speciality tea community. Dedicated to building an industry that is fair, sustainable and nurturing for all, the volunteers and staff of The European Tea Society are invested in our members and the communities we serve.

As a member of The European Tea Society, you will join a growing network of tea people that spans the globe. Our members oversee every step of the value chain, from the tea plants in the ground to the sip in the cup.

Joining means coming together to share knowledge and inspire innovation with other individuals who are driven to improve the future of speciality tea.

Being a part of the community means that you recognise the importance of collaboration and are willing and excited to contribute.

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