ETS facilitates connections between professionals from tea gardens to specialists along the tea value chain. Events and networks are inclusive, insightful and nurturing.


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Welcome to the European Tea Society.

For the past 15 years we have seen

an exciting increase of interest around

the world in 'good tea'.

European Tea Society is reaching out to everyone in the tea world who would like to become a part of this growing community of dedicated tea lovers.

The possibilities of ETS are limitless and just as the coffee industry has impressed the world with its system of training, quality standards, knowledge and education, so ETS is poised to take Europe - and possibly the world – by storm and help ensure that bad tea becomes a thing of the past and good quality, speciality tea takes over and becomes the norm in tearooms, cafes, restaurants, hotels and at home.

Jane Pettigrew

Patron, European Tea Society I BEM, BA Hons., Cert Ed, RSA Cert